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What is VIP Profiler for VIP Assessment?

You might be interested in taking vip assessment to know your value, interest, and personality better. Many people find that they cannot be productive enough at work because they do not have a proper understanding of your value, interest, and personality. This assessment will use three profilers, including personality, interest, and personality profiler.

Personality Profiler

The very first VIP profiler that you will take is the personality profiler. It will be used for assessing your personal personality and behavioral style. It will be useful for improving work productivity and teamwork. The result will let you know who you really are.

The personality profiler will measure several elements, including directing which means assertive, decisive, and controlling. If you are outgoing, convincing, and excitable, you might have an interacting personality.

You might have a supportive personality if you are harmonious, patient, and lenient. If you are a detailed, precise, and perfectionist person, you might have a conscientious personality. Adaptive personality might also be found if you are pliable, conforming, and passive.

If you are modest, quiet, and distant, you might be a reserved person. You have an objective personality if you are questioning, impatient, and critical. The last personality measurement is unconventional for you who are instinctive, improvised, and unorganized.

Interest Profiler

The next VIP profiler is the interest profiler which will assess the nature of your work interest. Based on the result, you can understand more about various interests that will be suitable for you.

This profiler for vip assessment will measure your realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.

Values Profiler

The last one is a values profiler that will assess your work values preferences. The theory about human basic values by Dr. Shalom Schwartz is used for creating and adapting the values profiler for vip assessment.

The values that will be measured include influence, achievement, fun, excitement, autonomy, altruism, harmony, security, compliance, and conventional.

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