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3 Things That Can Be Seen to Assess Personality

A personality assessment can help you make big decisions, such as when hiring a new employee. Here are some things you should know to be able to give a personality assessment


People who shake hands strongly will radiate confidence and reflect strong character to others. People who have a strong handshake will impress themselves as having an open nature, and easy to make friends with others.

People with weak handshakes will give the impression that they lack confidence and always tend to want to get out of challenges and pressures, in other words, people like this seem weak and unable to cope with the pressures of life that they have.

Offering a handshake first to other people you meet for the first time can give the impression that you have a sincere, friendly personality and are far from arrogant. 

Your Punctuality

Your punctuality can be used to assess your personality assessment too. The thing that can make an impression on another person is when you first meet that person. The beginning of the meeting is an important time to make an impression, be it a negative or positive impression.

Arriving late when you have a meeting with other people, can give a negative impression, making you seem used to taking things for granted in your life. Get in the habit of arriving on time or arriving early when meeting other people, it will give the impression that you really value time and other people. Because when a person can appreciate time, he will also be able to appreciate many things in his life.

Your handwriting

Personality assessment can be seen from your handwriting as well. According to one study, the way a person writes and the size of your handwriting can tell a person certain things. People with small handwriting tend to be shy, more conscientious at work, and have a diligent nature.

While someone who has writing in larger sizes, they tend to be easy to get along with and more open, more serious in dealing with things because it can be seen from the way they write which uses more pressure to make the writing look bigger.

While someone who usually writes with writing that every letter looks bold and clear, he tends to have more empathetic feelings for others and is more sensitive.

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