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French Process Zinc Oxide VS American Process Zinc Oxide

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Most zinc oxide producers use American and French process zinc oxide. These methods look similar, yet they are different. Here, we are about to talk about the differences between the French and American process zinc oxide. As a result, you know the way to differentiate between these products to get the best one.    

Process Zinc by Using the French Method 

Processing zinc by using the French process zinc oxide method is also known as the direct zinc oxide process. This is because producers must melt and vaporize the zinc metal first. The melting process uses over 1000 degrees Celsius temperature. 

The purpose of the heating process is to get the vapor from the zinc. The vapor is the essential material to produce zinc oxide. Workers are about to let the zinc vapor in the container and open it. 

The temperature of the container and the vapor are about to reduce. At the same time, the vapor also interacts with oxygen. This interaction process produces french process zinc oxide particles. Workers will collect the particles and the product is ready to distribute to customers. 

Processing Zinc by Using the American Method 

Besides producing French process zinc oxide, some manufacturers also produce American process zinc oxide. This zinc oxide production is also known as an indirect zinc oxide process. The process of zinc oxide production is similar where workers melt the zinc metal to get the vapor. 

Instead of letting the vapor interact with oxygen, the french process zinc oxide method combusts it. Workers are about to mix the vapor with zinc cores or zinc residues. The purpose of this step is to produce zinc oxide fumes. 

Workers will collect the fumes and let it cool. The process is not stopped there yet because workers must purify and refine the particles first. The purification and refining methods determine the quality and characteristics of the french process zinc oxide particles. Processing zinc with the American method is more efficient and affordable compared to processing zinc with the French method.    

The information above shows that the American process and French process zinc oxide are different, although both products look similar. Even the process is the same at first. As a supplier or buyer, you must ask the producer whether they produce the zinc oxide using the French or American method. It ensures that you get the right zinc oxide as you need. In case you want to start a zinc oxide company, you can apply at least two methods to produce the best zinc oxide for your customers. 

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